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Species: Wild

Name: Snowmist

Age: 2

Gender: She-Leopord

Personality: Graceful, fluid motions are what is done by this unusualy gorgeous she-cat as she walks the mossy path known as life. Bubbly, energetic, and compassionate to those around her. She's always ready to listen and understand the troubles of your heart. She's very respectful to her elders, and whoever she sees, but when you decide to provoke her, she'll snap and growl. Dreamy, aqua minty blue eyes are what she holds, clouded in mist, holding her depressed emotions from sight. She has a slender, slim, lithe, lean frame, and her paws are swift when she runs, and she can outrun the boldest and fastest Cat. Though a shattering pain that seems to crack her heart still waves around her, for she blames herself for the death of her aunt. It had been a normal day. She was a cub, and she was playing with her sister. Her mother, father, and aunt were with them, enjoying a freshly caught meal. Suddenly a loud crash jerked Snowmist out of her thoughts, as she saw a car coming towards them. She had shreiked a warning to her aunt, and had ran towards her, trying to push her out of the way but it was too late. A wail of loss had escaped her mouth. She was shattered in greif for days, and her family had tryed to convince her that it wasn't her fault, and she would just shake her head and say that it was. She doesn't always get that pain, though. She just gets it once a moon. She's usualy herself. Bubbly, energetic, and Snowmist. She has the symbol of a blue snowflake on her right side, and she has a snowy white pelt, almost whiter than snow.

Main Fur Color: Her fur is velvety soft and silky, with a splash of hazel and caramel on her back.

Under Belly: White.

Claw Color: Silver

Images: None.

History: Born at the streak of dawn, the stars slowly fading away to the clouds, streaks of blue and pink here and there. This attractive she-leopord was new into the world, purring beside her denmate. Her parents had been proud of the new life they had brought into the world. "What lovely cubs," Her father had purred. They had called her sister Dewsong, for her eyes were as green as leaves that are dappled brightly by dew, and because a dew drop fell on her crown. They had named the other Snowmist, for her pelt was as white as snow, because there was a blue snowflake on her right side, and because a snowflake fell atop her tiara. Growing up was fun at her sister's side, as they both strived to be noble and loyal, just like their parents.

Cub(s): None

Image(s): None


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